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Watan Development and Initiative Organization (WDIO)

Watan Development and Initiative Organization (WDIO)


About Watan Development and Initiative Organization (WDIO)

Watan Development and Initiative Organization is a non-governmental, nonprofit, nonpolitical, and independent organization dedicated to empowering and uplifting communities through sustainable development, social justice, and the enhancement of well-being for individuals and families. Since its establishment in 2014, we have tirelessly worked towards poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, education and skill development, health and well-being, gender equality, women’s empowerment, agriculture and livestock, and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to improve living conditions, provide quality education and essential skills to individuals, enhance community health and well-being, achieve gender equality, improve agricultural productivity, and promote environmental sustainability.

With a passionate team of over ninety-seven individuals and a strong network of partners and supporters, we strive to bring about positive change by preserving and celebrating cultural diversity and heritage, fostering social cohesion, and promoting cross-cultural understanding and respect. We ensure program effectiveness and accountability through continuous monitoring, evaluation, and data-driven approaches. Our commitment to integrity, sustainability, accountability, innovation, empowerment, advocacy, and respect for diversity guides our efforts as we address pressing challenges such as poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, women’s empowerment, child welfare, and sustainable development.

Through innovative programs, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, Watan Development and Initiative Organization is at the forefront of driving sustainable solutions and empowering individuals to create a better future

WDIO is nationally based in Kabul and maintains field operations through five regional offices, with over ninety-seven staff members, located in Kabul, Bamiyan & Logar (Center-Region), Ghor & Herat (West-Region), Nangarhar, Laghman & Kunar (East-region), Takhar & Badakhshan (North-Region) and Kandahar (South-Region). WDIO maintains the departments of Program, Operation, Human Resources Finance, and Procurement. Each department operates according to the WDIO written policies and procedure manuals updated based on the context of the area where WDIO implementing projects.

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