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The Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees (DACAAR) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was founded in 1984 with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance and support to Afghan refugees, particularly those living in Pakistan and Iran.

DACAAR’s mission is to promote sustainable development and improve the lives of the most vulnerable communities in Afghanistan. The organization works in a range of sectors, including rural development, water and sanitation, disaster risk reduction, and education.

DACAAR’s programs are designed to address the root causes of poverty and vulnerability and to build resilience and capacity within communities. They work closely with local partners and stakeholders to ensure that their programs are responsive to the needs of the communities they serve.

Some of DACAAR’s key achievements include providing access to clean water and sanitation facilities for over 2 million people, building and rehabilitating schools and educational facilities for over 150,000 students, and supporting the development of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management practices in rural areas.

DACAAR is funded by a variety of sources, including international development organizations, foundations, and individual donors. They are committed to transparency and accountability in their operations and regularly report on their activities and outcomes to their stakeholders and partners.

The organization employs over 1,500 staff in Afghanistan and has offices in Kabul and several other provinces. They also have a network of community-based volunteers who support their programs and activities at the local level.

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