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Croix-Rouge Française

Croix-Rouge Française

International NGO

Croix-Rouge Française, or the French Red Cross, is a non-governmental humanitarian organization based in France. It was founded in 1864 and is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The mission of the French Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and to promote respect for human dignity and international humanitarian law. They work in France and around the world to provide assistance to vulnerable populations affected by disasters, conflicts, and other crises.

The organization’s programs include disaster response and recovery, health and social care services, first aid and emergency response training, and support for refugees and migrants. They also work to promote community resilience and preparedness for emergencies and disasters.

A combination of government grants, private donations, and fundraising activities funds the French Red Cross. They rely on the support of volunteers and staff to carry out their programs and services.

In addition to their humanitarian work, the French Red Cross is also involved in advocacy and public education efforts to raise awareness about humanitarian issues and promote respect for international humanitarian law. They work closely with other International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement members to coordinate and support humanitarian efforts worldwide.

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